The Irish Marine Federation (IMF) is the national organisation representing both commercial and leisure sectors of the marine industry in Ireland.

The IMF is affiliated to the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) which provides the Secretariat from its Dublin office.

IBEC has regional offices in Cork, Donegal, Galway, Limerick and Waterford and an office in Brussels, the Irish Business Bureau.

The Primary Aims of the Federation are:

  • To promote the interests of all sectors of the marine industry in Ireland and to encourage its growth and development;
  • To represent the interests of the industry to Government, State Agencies and European institutions, thereby influencing public policies;
  • To promote the image of the industry through quality awareness, public statements and the organisation of Boat Shows;
  • To provide advice, information and services to members in order to assist in achieving these objectives.

Federation Governance

The Federation is governed by a Council elected by the corporate members. The Council for 2014 comprises:

  • Mr. David O’Brien (Chairman), Baily Publications Ltd.
  • Mr. Brian O’Sullivan, O’Sullivans Marine Ltd.
  • Mr. Bernard Gallagher, B J Marine Ltd.
  • Mr. Damien Offer, Malahide Marina
  • Mr. Gerry Salmon, MGM Boats Ltd
  • Mr. Hogan Magee, Western Marine Ltd.
  • Mr. Derek Reamsbottom, Seaking Supplies and Services Ltd
  • Mr. Paal Janson, Marina Marketing and Management Ltd.
  • Mr. Ian O’Mara, Viking Marine Ltd.
  • Mr. Mark Ring, Royal Cork Yacht Club
  • Mr. Mark McAuley, IBEC

IMF Board Members

Mr. David O’Brien (Chairman)
Baily Publications Ltd.
01 2846161

Mr. Hogan Magee
Western Marine Ltd.
01 2800321

Mr. Bernard Gallagher
B J Marine Ltd.
01 8061560

Mr. Paal Janson
Marina Marketing and Management Ltd.
01 2020040

Mr. Gerry Salmon
MGM Boats Ltd.
01 2802020

Mr. Brian O’Sullivan
O’Sullivans Marine Ltd.
066 7124524

Mr. Ian O’Mara
Viking Marine Ltd.
01 2806654

Mr. Damien Offer
Malahide Marina
01 8454129

Mr. Derek Reamsbottom
Seaking Supplies and Services
01 8427630

Mr. Mark McAuley
01 6051652