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CE Marking

The Department of Communications, Marine & Natural Resources are to begin policing and ensuring compliance of the EU Small Craft Directive in relation to CE Marking. The IMF have made representations to the Department in the past regarding parallel and grey imports so it is important that all IMF members conform to the legislation. If you are unsure about the regulations and need to know more, the IMF has available all the documentation you need to ensure compliance.

Cruising Routes

The IMF has been awarded a contract from the MAYA 2 project for the research and development of an Irish Sea Cruising Guide. The objective of the guide is to encourage boats to leave their home marinas and begin cruising linking the various marinas on both sides of the Irish Sea.

Maritime Safety Directorate

Code of Practice

The Maritime Safety Directorate is currently working on a “Code of Practice for the Safe Operation of Recreational Craft”. This is a very comprehensive document which sets out in Chapter 1 various aspects of the existing legislation covering recreational craft. The remainder of the document establishes the Department’s views on the safe operation of Sailing craft, Motor Craft, PWCs, Windsurfing, Canoes and Kayaking and Rowing. The Department intends to publish the document in the New Year.

Ferry Boat Legislation

The Department has recently sent out a consultation document regarding the proposed changes to the above legislation. Copies available from the IMF.

Membership Application

Membership of the IMF is open to all firms operating in the marine industry in Ireland, subject to the approval of the Council of the Federation. Please download our printable IMF Membership Form,