The Irish Marine Federation (IMF) meets in Dublin tomorrow to address priorities in the months ahead after a torrid time for the marine industry in Ireland.

In a notice to members Chairman David O’Brien says ‘like all small businesses, the IMF is building anew after recession’.

In a cautious note of optimism, O’Brien adds ‘Although it still remains to be seen if we really have ‘turned a corner’, as our politicians like to tell us, nothing can stay dormant indefinitely.

The IMF expect new opportunities to arise as the economy improves and consumer confidence grows.

O’Brien explains that it the IMF was only able to keep afloat in recession by slashing costs and running almost entirely by volunteer committee.

‘We may be a long way from the dizzy heights of the IMF 2006 Boat Show at the RDS but equally we’re a long way from 1984 when VAT was 35%, the top rate of income tax 65% and mortgage rates hit 16%. Even then we managed to run a show…! he adds,

In whatever form the next wave of activity comes, the IMF says it is ready and waiting to embark on a new chapter for the industry.

The IMF is keen to take on board views and suggestions and is on a recruitment drive.

The IMF gam takes place tomorrow at the National Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire followed by a meeting of its Board who will focus on identifying IMF priorities for 2015 and 2016.